Empowering Refugees through Technology at GO USETECH
Welcome to GO USETECH, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering refugees through technology education and skills training. Our story began with a group of passionate young individuals who recognized the transformative power of IT skills in the lives of refugees. We firmly believe that access to technology and the ability to harness to empower refugees through comprehensive IT skills training. its potential can open doors to new opportunities, self-reliance, and a brighter future.

At GO USETECH, we understand the unique challenges faced by refugees, who have been forced to leave their homes and rebuild their lives in unfamiliar territories. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to bridge the digital divide and provide refugees with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to empower refugees through comprehensive IT skills training. We offer a wide range of training programs, workshops, and resources tailored to the specific needs of refugees. From basic computer literacy to advanced programming skills, we equip refugees with the necessary competencies to succeed in today's technology-driven world.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to empowerment. We not only focus on technical skills but also emphasize personal development, resilience, and the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset. Our aim is to nurture individuals who not only possess IT expertise but also have the confidence and vision to make a positive impact in their communities.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our work. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, educational institutions, and industry professionals to maximize our impact and resources. By building strong networks, we create a supportive ecosystem where refugees can access mentorship, internship opportunities, and pathways to employment.

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Country: Uganda