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Water is the most abundant chemical in the universe existing as a solid in glaciers and a liquid in water bodies.


Water is a chemical substance made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together via covalent bonds. Water takes up a v Shape and is a polar substance.

physical properties of water.

Water has the following  thermal properties.

1. A high specific heat capacity

2. A high latent heat of vapourisation

3. A high latent heat of fusion. 

4. A low density at temperatures below 4°C.

significance of thermal properties of water.

 Water having a high specific high capacity means that it does heat up easily as it requires a considerable amount of heat to change it's temperature by 1 Kelvin. This helps aquatic organisms to stay in water as temperatures remain relatively constant amidst changing environmental temperatures. Also helps organisms to maintain their internal temperature constant majorly endotherms for enzymatic reactions to continue normally.

 Water having a high latent heat of vapourisation enables organisms to cool during sweating in humans, transpiration in plants hence losing excess heat maintaining a constant body temperature. 

  Water having a low density at a temperature below 4°C enables ice to float on water during winter ensuring water bodies to remain as a liquid to continue supporting aquatic life without freezing.


tebtalks 4 days ago
This good. Water is life and with its chemical equation, H2O it’s evident that it has oxygen that is vital to life
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Mugwanya Simon
Mugwanya Simon 4 days ago

Good supliments!

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