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Ritah Bob
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ABASAJJA BALIMBA is a song made for all the Ladies and Women who has ever experienced a kind of Deception before, i take this Opportunity to thank you for Supporting my Music Carrier. don't forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like, And Share with Your Friends
@SirAlex Dir
@Dj Grin Impact

master papecha
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master papecha
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master papecha
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Papecha Sharwesi
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By Js Papecha one man show

Sami la Joi
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#sami #2023 watch subscriber, like, and comment for manny

Lucas Osano
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dancing 馃榾馃榾

Emmanuel Atibo
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You are not alone, a young girl suffering from heart disease and as days go on, the sickness keeps increasing. the doctor recomments for surgery but the poor parents could not afford to to fly her abroad for tratment so her Father abondons her for lack of money.

Tito Byishimo
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its all good

Shona Jojo
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#shonajojo the fierce lady

Karabar Victar
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it's a good video

Emmanuel Atibo
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A daughter of a poor widow who was abundoned and got ill

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This is an inspirational poem for every body out there#poem #tebtalks

Philip Maina
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1nr engine timing marks

Jacob Tuyishime
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This is my journey to mixed martial arts . Im glad that we have plattforms where we can post our talets and the journies to our coreers . i also appreciate those who support.

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showing love 鉂p煂

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manunited is currently closely discussing how to re-integrate greenwood to the squad #manunited#greenwood#transfer

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In a world where dreams await,
GO USETECH opens the gate,
With IT skills as our guiding light,
We empower lives to take their flight.

Refugees and dreams unite,
Through screens aglow in the night,
Coding, design, and digital might,
GO USETECH makes futures bright.

From keyboard taps to coding lines,
We shape tomorrow's grand designs,
With every click, with every code,
A journey starts, a path bestowed.

Mentors guide with hearts that care,
Students learn, their minds declare,
In the realm of pixels and code,
GO USETECH's legacy boldly showed.

With each new skill, a world anew,
The power of tech, a dream come true,
GO USETECH's banner held up high,
Empowering all under the digital sky.

Hands held together, side by side,
GO USETECH's mission is our guide,
To bridge divides, to open doors,
And empower lives forevermore.

So let us stride with purpose strong,
Empowering minds, righting the wrong,
GO USETECH's name we proudly raise,
A beacon of hope, in countless ways.

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