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As a small business owner, you are an expert on your products and services. No one expects that you’re a master of web security, which is why small business websites are particularly vulnerable to an attack. With that in mind, how do you protect your small business website from lurking hackers? These cybersecurity tips for small businesses can help. Check out more The Journey content at

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0:14 5 Cybersecurity tips for your small business
1:12 Use secure, unique passwords
3:11 Perform routine security checks
3:48 Keep your eye out for cybersecurity tips
5:08 Consider tools to safeguard your site
5:55 Install an SSL certificate right away

You can beef up your security with these five easy tips:

Use secure, unique passwords:
Some food for thought: A password with only seven alpha characters can be guessed in less than a second. Remember to always change your passwords every quarter, at the very least, to keep your website safe.

Perform routine security checks:
You need to know that an attack can come at any time, so routinely checking the security of your site is critical.

Keep your eye out for cybersecurity tips:
The world of cybersecurity is ever-changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on all cyberthreats.

Consider tools to safeguard your site:
It wouldn’t hurt to introduce you to some tools that can help you monitor and ward off cyber threats before they can even touch your small business website.

Install an SSL certificate right away:
Beyond establishing trust with your customers, an SSL certificate also establishes trust with Google. If you don’t have a secure site (which an SSL certificate ensures), Google Chrome will mark your site as “not secure,” which can affect your rankings in search results.

It’s important for you to stay in the loop, and follow new cybersecurity tips from the experts. Be sure to use unique and complex passwords, change those passwords every 3 months, perform routine security checks, back up your website regularly, consider a malware detection tool, and install an SSL certificate right away. There are many more cybersecurity tips to follow, but these five will provide you with a solid digital defense to start.

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Jumpstart your job search with these tips:
Check out our Job Search Guide:

When you're searching for jobs online, it can be hard to narrow in on the right role. However, there are some small steps you can take to find your ideal job faster. In this video, we explain how to narrow your search based on keywords, location, salary and company so that you can spend less time searching and more time applying. Remember, the smallest moves are sometimes the smartest.

Try these five easy tips for a better job search strategy:

1. Search for a specific job title in quotation marks: "[job title]".

2. Specify a company by typing “company: [name of company]. Learn more about how to research a company:

3. Refine your search by excluding terms you don’t want in your search results: type “-[word to exclude].

4. Use the Advanced Job Search tool to narrow search results by ideal salary, distance from home and what type of job you’re looking for.

5. Save your search and set up Job Alerts. You’ll be the first to know about new job postings and your application is more likely to be seen by an employer if you apply right after the job is posted. Learn how to set up a Job Alert:

Watch more episodes of Smart & Small:

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Indeed is the world's #1 job site, with over 250 million unique visitors* every month from over 60 different countries. We provide free access to search and apply for jobs, post your resume, research companies, and compare salaries. Every day, we connect millions of people to new opportunities. On our YouTube channel, you’ll find tips and personal stories to help you take the next step in your job search.

*Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2018
**Terms, conditions and quality standards apply.

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Sweden is expected to officially join NATO in the coming days or weeks, after Hungary finally gave its approval Monday – the last member to do so. As Henry Ridgwell reports, analysts say Sweden brings important capabilities to the Western defense alliance.

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Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of 236.8 million people. VOA produces content for digital, television, and radio platforms. It is easily accessed via your mobile phone and on social media. It is also distributed by satellite, cable, FM and MW, and is carried on a network of approximately 3,000 affiliate stations.

Since its creation in 1942, Voice of America has been committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the news and telling audiences the truth. Through World War II, the Cold War, the fight against global terrorism, and the struggle for freedom around the globe today, VOA exemplifies the principles of a free press.

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The TAURUS KEPD 350, standing for Target Adaptive Unitary & Dispenser Robotic Ubiquity System / Kinetic Energy Penetrating Destroyer, is a long-range cruise missile engineered to precisely target fortified positions without requiring the launching aircraft to penetrate hostile air defense territories.

Its structural design prioritizes stealth. The rectangular body, crafted from composite materials, avoids sharp interfaces, making it less perceptible to radars. Furthermore, a special radio-absorbent coating masks its presence even more. Ingeniously, the air intake channels are curved, a feature devised to hide the engine turbine from prying ground radars.

The Taurus maintains a steady subsonic speed in the vicinity of Mach 0.6-0.95. The missile's reach is nothing short of impressive, capable of engaging targets up to 310 miles (500 kilometers) away.

Once launched, the Taurus employs its Tri-tech navigation system, merging various sensors and reference databases to consistently monitor its position and adjust its trajectory.

The Taurus missile's tandem warhead, designed for Maximum Penetration and High Sophistication in Target Optimization (MEPHISTO), is tailored to decimate hard and deep-set targets.

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Find and apply to jobs on Indeed, the world's #1 job site. Not sure where to start? Get expert job search tips from our Essential Job Search Guide:

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Interested in finding out more about opportunities to work in IT? Learn more here:

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4 Views · 1 day ago A video walkthrough that show you how to use the Target site to apply for a job with Target online. Makes applying online easier.

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Small Business mentoring at SCORE San Diego

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I -765 Application for Employment Authorization: How to Apply for Work Permit in USA (2023 UPDATE)

Welcome to this Free Immigration Help channel. If you found this video useful, please consider supporting this channel with a Super Thanks or by joining the membership.

If you are wondering how to legally work in the US, this video may help you find your answer. In this video, I will show you how to apply for employment authorization card.

Here are the links used in this video:
I-765, Application for Employment Authorization -
Employment authorization form -
Employment authorization document application instructions -

Additionally, you will be able to check your EAD card status (EAD application status) on

With your EAD, you will be able to apply for social security number (social security card) and legally work in the United States.

You can ask immigration questions online either here on this video or any of the other videos on this channel and I will try to get back to you. Make sure to provide more information about your immigration case status and the application process.

Immigration process might be complicated. Hopefully, some of these videos can make it easier for you. Please keep in mind, I am not an immigration attorney and this is not an immigration advice service or immigration legal advice. I do not offer any free immigration consultation as I am not an immigration lawyer.

All of the information mentioned in this video can be checked for reference on the official website.

If you are looking for a local immigration help, you can search for "free immigration help near me," as there might be some USCIS authorized free service consultants in your area or low cost immigration legal aid, also known as pro bono immigration lawyers.

Thank you for your support! God bless!

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By: Dr. Jeetendra Pande

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Ms.Dipali D Awasekar
Assistant Professor
Department of Information Technology
Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur.

Alagai Augusten
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Ms.Dipali D Awasekar
Assistant Professor
Department of Information Technology
Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur.

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This is a crash course on information security for beginners. It will provide you the basics knowledge and terminology about information security.

⭐ Table of Contents ⭐
⌨️ (0:00) Introduction to Security
⌨️ (17:05) Threats, vulnerabilities and control

⭐ Credit ⭐
Course Author: Mike Murphy
License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

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