How to comment and reply to comments on a video in Tebtalks website

Commenting on a Video:
Log in to Your Account:
Ensure you are logged in to your tebtalks account.

Navigate to the Video:
Find the video on which you want to leave a comment.

Locate the Comment Section:
Scroll down to the comment section below the video player. This is where users typically leave comments.

Type Your Comment:
Click on the comment box and type your comment.

Post Your Comment:
After typing your comment, look for a "Post" or "Comment" button, and click it to publish your comment.

Replying to a Comment:
Find the Comment to Reply To:
Scroll through the comments section to locate the comment you want to reply to.

Click on the Reply Button:
Many platforms have a "Reply" button next to each comment. Click on this button to open the reply field.

Type Your Reply:
Type your reply in the designated reply field.

Post Your Reply:
After typing your reply, find the "Post" or "Reply" button and click it to publish your reply.

How to add a video to a playlist in Tebtalks website

Log in to Your Account:
Ensure you are logged in to your tebtalks account.

Navigate to the Video:
Find the video you want to add to a playlist.

Locate Playlist Options:
Look for options like "Add to Playlist" or "Save to Playlist" near the video player. This is usually represented by an icon or text.

Choose or Create a Playlist:
If you have existing playlists, you may be prompted to select one. Alternatively, you might have the option to create a new playlist.

Add Video to Playlist:
Select the desired playlist, and the video should be added to it.

To embed a video from tebtalks using an iframe link on other platforms

Locate the Video on tebtalks:
Log in to your tebtalks account and find the video you want to embed.

Find the Embed Option:
Look for an "Embed" or "Share" option near the video player. This is often represented by an icon or text. Click on it to access the embed code.

Access the Embed Code:
Once you've clicked on the "Embed" or similar option, you should see an iframe code snippet. This code is what you'll use to embed the video on other platforms.

Copy the Embed Code:
Highlight and copy the entire iframe code provided. It typically starts with <iframe and ends with </iframe>.

Navigate to the Platform:
Go to the platform where you want to embed the video. This could be a website, blog, or any platform that supports iframe embedding.

Access the HTML Editor:
If you are embedding the video in a website or blog, access the HTML editor or a section that allows you to insert custom HTML code.

Paste the Embed Code:
Paste the copied iframe code into the HTML editor. Make sure you are in the HTML or code view, not the visual editor.

Adjust Settings (if available):
Some platforms may allow you to adjust settings such as video size, autoplay, or other display preferences. Follow the platform-specific instructions for customization.

Save or Publish:
Once you've pasted the embed code and configured any optional settings, save or publish your changes. The embedded video should now be visible on the platform.

Sharing an Article from Tebtalks to other platforms

Access the Article:
Log in to tebtalks and locate the article you wish to share.

Find the Share Option:
Look for a "Share" or "Share Article" option. This is often represented by an icon or text near the article content.

Choose Sharing Medium:
Click on the "Share" option to reveal a list of sharing mediums. This can include social media, email, or generating a shareable link.

Select Platform:
Choose the platform where you want to share the article. This could be a social media platform, messaging app, or email.

Authorize Account (if necessary):
If required, authorize the connection between your tebtalks account and the selected platform.

Add Commentary (Optional):
Some sharing options allow you to add a message or commentary. Enter any desired text.

Share the Article:
Click the "Share" or equivalent button to publish the article on the chosen platform.

Sharing a video from Tebtalks to other platforms

Sharing a Video:

Navigate to the Video:
Log in to your tebtalks account and go to the video you want to share.

Locate the Share Button:
Look for a "Share" button, usually located beneath the video player. This button may be represented by an icon like an arrow or a chain link.

Choose a Sharing Option:
Click on the "Share" button to reveal a list of sharing options. Common options include social media platforms, email, or generating a shareable link.

Select the Platform:
Choose the platform where you want to share the video. This could include social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or others.

Authorize Account (if needed):
If you haven't connected your tebtalks account to the platform you selected, you may need to authorize the connection. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your accounts.

Add a Caption (Optional):
Some sharing options allow you to add a caption or message. Enter any text you'd like to accompany the shared video.

Share the Video:
Once you've configured your sharing preferences, click the "Share" or equivalent button to post the video on the selected platform.

Am getting errors here what could be the problem.

If you get errors, please immediately send us a message so that we can help you sort it out. Currently we don't have known errors but sometimes errors are result of human input (GIGO) and they might come anytime. We shall always be available to help you.

Does TEBTalks partner with other organization.

YES. TEBTalks welcomes any organization supporting education and business and who can support TEBTalks grow. In fact we recommend other organization to share their educational contents to our website so that our followers can learn from them. Any one who share the contents to TEBTalks platform will have full rights over the content.

How do i send my recommendations

Use the contact form to send direct message to TEBTalks administrators. Your message will be answered in order it was received.

What if i want to share information not related to education and business.

TEBTalks stickily support Technology supported education and business, but you can share the other inform to you target friend via the chat inbox. Make sure the information does not violent the other persons rights and freedom.

How can i know if my videos are being watched and peoples reactions.

Go to your account settings and select VIDEO STUDIO, it with give you the full analytics of how your video's are performing in real time.

What if someone is annoying me.

Feel free to report the person to the administration or to block the person.

Is my information secure.

YES. The key details like the emails and passwords you use to login are secured by our encryption algorithm. Not even a TEBTalks staff can you. To ensure another layer of protection, we recommend that you enable a 2-factor authentication so that a code is sent to your email every time you want to login.

How can i remember my username.

TEBTalks uses cookies to help you remember the previous activities

Who is responsible for the third party contents.

TEBTalks is not responsible to the contents that you share from other websites

What can i use the points i get every day while contributing to knowledge search and store.

You can transfer the points to you wallet account and it will be convert to money in your currency which you can use to advertise your products in the system. You can also request a withdraw if your country supports the available payments gate ways.

Does TEBTalks have all Payment gateways.

We are working hard to ensure that all the payment gate ways are configured including Mobile money payment gate ways.

What if i want to take a short holiday off TEBTalks

YES. You can take a holiday by simply inactivating your account so that it remain visible to you only.

How to quit TEBTalks

You can quit TEBTalks at any time you wish by deleting you account. Remember to download a copy of your data before you delete you account as it will be permanently deleted and no backup for you.

Ask help

If you need help from the administrators, you can reach them through the contact form by sending the message with a valid email where you will receive a reply with a minute. https://tebtalks.com/contact-us. Follow the above link to request help.

What you can do with TEBTalks account.

As user, you have the freedom to enjoy all the contents in the system. There other things you can do to contribute to knowledge mining and storage.
1. You can upload any video as long its in line with education and business
2. You connect to other external websites that you are subscribed and import some contents such as YouTube and other sites
3. You can record a short video with a direct message
4. You can freely chat with your friends in the system and share knowledge
5. You can subscribe to channels within the system that looks good to you.
6. You can advertise your products at a small fee and also earn money when products are advertised to your videos.
7. You can interact with your clients through live streaming tools in the system.
8. You can contribute to the knowledge sharing by commenting to other people contents and replying or sharing to your social media channels that you are subscribed to.


TEBTalks allows the users to configure their main official languages so that it is easy to understand the system contents.

Is TEBTalks free

Yes TEBTalks is free to all users. Except in some circumstances where a user can place a fee to his/her video contents. The video to be sold via TEBTalks, the person must be owner of the video/contents and it should be of high quality to meet the standards.

Who can use TEBTalks

Any one who want to learn in any field, share educational materials, business ideas, promote business through advertisement can register and start using TEBTalks.

TEBTalks in full.

TEB is a short form for Technology, Education and Business. We gather small talks inform of videos that helps to empower education and business using the multimedia data.

TEBTalks Overview

TEBTalks is a multimedia system that empowers education and business using the current technologies. Through technology, a students can learn beyond the program at any suitable time, they may easily improve all the learning skills they want and succeed in education. Businesses also are empowered by technologies. From an external communication point of view, a business will use new technology to advertise, promote and break into new markets and makes transaction easy at all levels.