Adea Silax
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The EDEN “#onlinetogether – Education in time of a pandemic”. webinars will be twinned on 2 June with the similar campaign of ICDE”#learningtogether” For this online event the topic: How to anticipate the global future educational landscape after the pandemic was choosen. UNESCO reported in May that about 75% of pupils and students cannot attend F2F classes. Fully online education on a global scale is unprecedented in history. Today we are talking about the “new normal” and “future normal”. What it is going to look alike? In this panel, distinguished speakers will reflect on and share their insights into the present situation in education.

Moderator: Mark Brown
Presenters: Sandra Kučina Softić, Antonio Teixeira, Neil Fassina, Mpine Makoe


#onlinetogether #learningtogether