Landus Mumbere Expedito
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1¼cup of flour
Prestige about 2 table spoons
Cinnamon powder
Mixed spices
¾a cup of sugar
Baking powder
1 egg
1 lemon

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Proverbs 22:29, show me a man who good enouth at his talent, he will always stand before kings and not beore obsure men.

A talent is an amizing thing that you can not bollow from another person byt its hiden in you, the most people that are doing well in the world are people who are doing well in their field

one talent can make you move the world and reach you wherever you want
discover your self and discover your talent and be great

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Did you know that we are loosing our culture ? following colonialism in African the current rapid development has left our culture slantingly falling apart.
if Really our culture is our identity, do we still have the identity of who we are yet we have lost our culture ? from long time ago what made Africa strong as described in the video above was our culture but if we are loosing our culture the we are doomed !!!!
this video is calling us to come back to the roots in wherever places we have gone and build our culture and be real Africans in the countries where we are

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we need ro understand all types of fesr rhat we have so that we know the next step ro take in fighting it
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