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1 + 1 = 3 Proof | Breaking the rules of mathematics

16 Views· 25 October 2023
nelson atusinguza
nelson atusinguza
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1 + 1 = 3 Proof | Breaking the rules of mathematics.
One plus one equals three is possible only by breaking the rules of mathematics. 1+1=3 is not supported by mathematical logic. These strange results may come by the mistake during the calculations. This viral math tricks video is given here to show a message that a single mistake in mathematical calculations can lead to a destructive result.

The second part of this video containing how to prove 2+2 = 5. Two plus two equals five is an old mathematical illusion that also proves that a mistake in the calculation can make different results. 2+2=5 viral math problem may puzzle anyone. But if someone carefully watches the 2+2=5 video, there is a mistake in the calculation. The secret of 2+2=5 is hidden in its calculation. The ground rules of mathematics were not followed in 2+2=5 calculations.

The third part of this video shows how easy to multiply anything by 11. This fun of mathematics video is intended to show you a message that a simple mistake in mathematical calculations may lead to wrong results.
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nelson atusinguza
nelson atusinguza 2 months ago

the only problem in math there is always an answer for every qnt

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