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HTML Complete Tutorial for Beginners in Hindi🔥Free Notes + Codes

28 Views· 18 September 2023
Adea Silax
Adea Silax
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🚀 Become an HTML Pro in One Video in Hindi 🎉

Welcome to our Complete HTML Course Tutorial for Beginners in Hindi, where you'll master Basic to Advanced HTML and the art of creating stunning websites using HTML from scratch. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned coder, this one-stop HTML tutorial has you covered.

⭐️ HTML Tutorial Highlights:

🎯 Learn Complete HTML in One Video (Hindi)
📝 Get Complimentary HTML Notes
🛠️ Hands-On Projects for Practical Learning
🕸️ Unlock SEO Secrets for Web Visibility
🌐 Suitable for All Skill Levels
⏱️ Efficient One-Session Learning

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🎯 Master 40+ interview questions.
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📚 Stay updated with notes and deprecated tags.
🚀 Dive into learning with 50+ animated slides.
🎨 Plus, we'll cover the basics of CSS for your next steps.

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0:00 Introduction to HTML & Course Topics
6:08 HTML Document Structure
7:49 Understanding the Building Blocks of a Website
10:32 What is HTML?
14:25 A Dive into the History of HTML
19:05 Mastering HTML Syntax
21:16 Downloading Your Code Editor
23:52 Pro Tips for HTML (Part 1 & 2)
28:32 Navigating HTML Documents & Their Structure
32:02 Getting to Know the HTML Language
35:20 Unveiling HTML Attributes
37:46 Writing HTML Documents in Hindi
38:44 Creating Our First HTML Code
41:40 Exploring HTML Headings
53:30 Understanding HTML Paragraphs
59:20 Working with HR and BR Tags in HTML
1:02:35 Mastering HTML Comments: Adding Remarks to Your Code
1:05:31 Text Formatting in HTML: Adding Style to Your Text
1:26:18 Creating Seamless Links and Anchors
2:11:28 Enhancing Content with Images in HTML
2:32:10 Leveraging HTML Map & Area Elements for Maps
2:36:55 Exploring Void Elements in HTML
2:38:35 Optimizing Images with HTML Picture Tag
2:43:55 Enhancing Images with HTML Figure Tag
2:47:15 Organizing Information with Lists in HTML
3:04:50 Effective Data Presentation with HTML Tables
3:24:10 Embedding Content Like a Pro with HTML IFRAMES
3:32:00 Adding Audio to Web Pages with HTML Audio TAG
3:40:00 Mastering Video Embedding with HTML Video TAG
3:44:50 Creating Interactive Forms with Forms and Input Elements
4:22:40 Enhancing Website Structure with HTML Semantic Elements
4:36:25 Boosting SEO with HTML Meta Tags
4:44:18 Unveiling the Art of HTML SEO
4:46:29 HTML Final Mega Project
5:18:55 Website Performance Checkup: Understanding Your Site's Ranking
5:24:45 Hosting Your Website Live for Free
5:30:30 Hosting Your Website Live with Paid Options
5:35:40 Wrapping Up Your HTML Journey - Outro

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