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Join Our Global Creative Competition! WINERS GET $500 & $200

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⁣🎉 Join Our Global Creative Competition! 🎉
Categories: Music 🎵 | Dance 💃 | Poems 📝 | Designs 🎨 | Speeches 🗣 | Computer Innovations 💻
Who Can Participate: Open to Individuals from AFRICA, USA, EUROPEAN UNION, INDIA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, and UK.
Prizes: 🥇 1st Place: $500 | 🥈 2nd Place: $200
Are you ready to showcase your incredible talents and creativity to the world? Here's your chance to shine and win amazing prizes in our online competition! Whether you're a musician, dancer, poet, designer, speaker, or computer innovator, we welcome you to share your unique skills and passion with us.
Competition Guidelines:
Choose Your Category: Select from the listed categories (Music, Dance, Poems, Designs, Speeches, Computer Innovations).
Create Your Entry: Prepare a captivating 5-minute video showcasing your talent or innovation. Put your heart and soul into it!
Upload or Import: Upload your video to our competition platform or import it from your preferred video-sharing platform. Make sure the video is of high quality and clearly demonstrates your talent.
Promote Your Entry: Share your video far and wide! Use social media, emails, and any other platforms to gather LIKES for your entry. The more likes you accumulate, the higher your chances of winning.
Engage and Connect: Engage with your audience and supporters. Respond to comments, share behind-the-scenes stories, and build a community around your entry.
Deadline: The competition closes on OCTOBER 15. Make sure to submit your entry and gather likes before this date.
Winner Selection: The winners will be determined by the number of LIKES on their entry videos. The entry with the highest number of likes in each category will be the 1st place winner, while the second-highest will secure the 2nd place.
Winners Announcement: Stay tuned! We will announce the winners on OCTOBER 16, 2023. The winners will also be contacted via email.
Important Notes:
Only one entry per participant is allowed.
Your video should be original and not violate any copyright or intellectual property rights.
Keep the content respectful, positive, and suitable for all audiences.
By participating, you agree to our terms and conditions.
This competition is your chance to shine on a global stage and win attractive prizes while doing what you love! Gather your supporters, share your passion, and let the LIKES roll in. Best of luck, and let the creativity flow! 🌟

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