woooow this young girl moved the crowed/ what a talent

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This is an inspirational poem for every body out there#poem #tebtalks

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Kagwa Nasulu
Kagwa Nasulu 5 days ago

Very emotional young girl

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Katushabe novence
Katushabe novence 1 month ago

where was this poem? because the lights, background is just standard 🤣

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kevine bobozo
kevine bobozo 1 month ago

i really think she is gifted and blessed. i like the choice of words 🤣 😍

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Bayitiyo Judith
Bayitiyo Judith 1 month ago

hii ndio pia ninafanya vizuri zaidi lakini naifanya kwa kiswahili

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Hakim husein
Hakim husein 1 month ago

the courage in the young girl is good, i think she can even get much better in her public speeking skills.

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