The Anunnaki Movie ~ The Mysterious Origins of Humanity

5 Views· 19 November 2023
Aimal Tahna
Aimal Tahna

Part 2 of the Sumerian Epic Saga shifts the focus from Nibiru, to the legendary "Anunnaki", which translates as "Sky Gods", and whom are said to play a significant role in the creation of our species.

The Ancient Sumerian mythology stands both on its own as a wellspring of curiosities, but is also observed as an origin point for many biblical stories which we are all familiar today, where we even see a possible origin point for the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Could the "God" written of in Genesis actually be describing Anunnaki from an even older Sumerian Myth?

Along with this, the Anunnaki Movie also shares exclusive interviews from Gaia's Ancient Civilizations, featuring both Gregg Braden and Graham Hancock. These incredible thought-leaders share groundbreaking discoveries which further add weight to the mysteries of the Anunnaki.

For those called to go further, once complete with the Sumerian Epic, you are invited to watch Ancient Civilizations for free, by clicking here:

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Face on Mars:

Robert Dean (Ex Comand Sargeant) discussing the authentic trip to the moon -

Interview with Brian O'Leary (Ex Nasa-Astronaut) concerning the Face on Mars:

ANUNNAKI – Messengers of the Wind -

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