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The PERFECT Love Song (Live)

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I'm a romantic. So what?

This song is a sample from my upcoming show that will tour Asia this year.
Big tour announcement coming on May 26th.

Special words for the offended:
DUDE, this song is just a joke ok?!

If you're offended, I apologize, like, right away.
No need to give me hate comments.

Thank you for understanding.

You may share this video with your partner in crime.
Get it?! DUDE!! That joke was like so good!

G D Em C

Meeting you was amazing
Your eyes were shining
Let's start a life together
Memories that last forever

I feel it, you're the one
You're my life, my home run
Follow me, and you will see
A new life, I guarantee

So let's do the unknown
Strengthen our backbones
Do something that's new

Bid classic adieu
I'm going to tell you
What I wanna do with you

Oh I wanna kill someone with you
I wanna kill someone with you
You and I will be happy
Cuz in jail, the rent is free
There's more things I wanna do
And I wanna do it all with you

Well, you didn't see that coming
Sorry if it's surprising
Now, I'm going to marry you
Then ruin that life of yours

It turns out I'm a bad guy
So I'll understand if you cry
This love is so complex
So get ready for what's next

Cuz next, you'll be depressed
Cuz I'm not the best
I can't give you what you deserve

But now it's too late
We are the mistakes
What can I give you in return?

Oh I know, I'll kill yourself for you
I'm gonna kill yourself for you
Seems like the right thing to do

I wanna beat my wife with you
I wanna deal some drugs with you
I wanna buy weapons with you
Then I wanna bomb this world with you

Oh I wanna do it all with you
I wanna do it all with you
I'll put my hands on your neck
Then I'll strangle you to death
I will take you to heaven
On September 11th

I wanna kill the Jews with you
I wanna slave people with you
My love for you is so true
Oh Eva Braun, I love you

#valentines #valentinesday

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