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Spreadsheets Excel Lesson 8: How to compute for Percentage Increase or decrease in Excel using IF

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Landus Mumbere Expedito
Landus Mumbere Expedito
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a) Due to inflation, the management increased the wages of employees who
earn 300,000 and below by 20% and for those who earn above 300,000 by
15% for month of September. Using an appropriate function, compute the
new wage for each employee in the month of September.
b) Add a columns for SEP PAYE, SEP NSSF, SEP NET PAY after SEP WAGES
c) Calculate the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) tax given that its rate is 8% of the
Gross wage. There after calculate the second oldest age in cell B9
d) NSSF is calculated at 3% of Gross wage. Calculate the NSSF savings for
September per employee.
e) Use a suitable formula to generate the NET PAY that will be available for
each employee.
f) In the TOTALS row, compute the Totals for all the columns having
g) In cell C10 use the count if function to compute for how many are managers.
h) Add “Shs” symbol as a suffix to your values in the table.
i) Apply a green line colour “all borders” outline to all cells with data.
j) Select the Names Column September Wages column to generate a 3-D
clustered column graph with appropriate labels to be saved as Employee
Pictorial Data.
k) Fill your bars with a green horizontal brick pattern.
l) Add your name and class as a right aligned footer and print your work in a
landscape orientation.

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