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Trevor Silaz
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Marioo x Jovial - Amor (Official Lyrics Video)

Marioo x Jovial - Amor (Official Lyrics Video),Mario never disapoints..love this guy so much
The harmonies are on point 馃挒 Jovial is well representing the 254 馃檶
Beautiful voices make such beautiful melodies.
Someone special dedicated this song to me.I can't get enough of it鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍
Happy Holidays
Jovial vocals 馃グ馃グ she never disappoint....Kenya well represented we are proud of you jovial you are going places don't give just yet go go Jovial
Jovial sounds different in all the songs she features in. That's what makes her the best
JOVIAL never disappoint when given a chance,,go queen vocals are dope
This song has been on repeat ever since I heard it... Thanks for this masterpiece! Love from 馃嚦馃嚞
Mi amor (My love)
Te amo ( I love you)
uhhh baby mon amor
There鈥檚 no body I can land my ears to
There鈥檚 no body else I let my eyes see
carry me, carry me honey
let me fall into your love
nigege nigege (?)
I鈥檓 hopeless
2022 is going to be a great year for these two
I have never seen a bad collaboration between Tanzania 馃嚬馃嚳 & Kenya 馃嚢馃嚜 馃グProudly Eastern
I love Jovial,I love the creativity she鈥檚 used on this,wherever you are Jovial you are blesse
She's unique and special in her own way,no wonder every big name out there wants to work with her
I can鈥檛 get enough of this 馃槍馃ズ馃グ
This song is living without rent on ma head
Sending love from 馃嚦馃嚞 馃嚦馃嚞
2 weeks ago
Nothing but love and appreciation for this song馃槝馃槝 on repeat from 馃嚦馃嚘
Their voices compliment each other so well am proud.
Vibing the vocals,beats everything 馃挜馃拑馃挅. Bigs up from Zambia 馃嚳馃嚥馃挭
Who else feels like Jovial is kinda underrated? This lady has great vocals, she really delivers
The beats, the vocals and the rhymes are on point. Kenya and TZ ni wazii. Keep up the good work. LONG LIVE EAC.
Jovial always kills it.
Both vocals are good but marioo is a beast on the mic馃嚦馃嚞
Such a cocktail of amazing voices. Sending you love from Senegal 馃嚫馃嚦l
This has been on repeat for 1 week straight 馃挴 I just can't have enough!
Geez the beat hits harder than my mama's broom!....proudly Tanzanian!...
This is song is a heaven of it's own God bless Kenya 馃嚢馃嚜. God bless Tanzania
what a beautiful way to enter this festive season
My first time learning about Mario through Jovial. Such a harmonious song
Mad love to these vocals specialists
Seeing how Jovial keeps making Kenyans and East Africans proud of her vocal prowess...makes me so Jovial
Woohoo 馃敟馃敟馃敟This is what East Africa Deserves 馃槏馃槏The chemistry is Litttt
MARIOO isn't pregnant but he always delivers 馃挜
Let us all express ourselves through the power of Love peace and Music.
Daimn Typically Tanzanian beat 馃嚬馃嚳 Kimambo murdered it
Perfect Combo! The blend is convincing 鉂わ笍馃嵒 #Marioo #Jovial #MiAmor
Hablo espa帽ol pero me encanta esta canci贸n.
Marioo is taking the game to the whole new level
On repeat mode,Kimambo did what was expected of him
Marioo never disappoints
Jovial and marioo their voices are such a vibe
mario never fails to impress...l adore him
Jovial vocals 馃槝鉂わ笍 Kenya well represented 馃嚢馃嚜馃嚢馃嚜馃挴 marioo the collaboration is a masterpiece bigup
This is a hit even before I listen to it....Mario & Jovial they can't disappoint
Just woke up to this love song馃挀 favorite song for ending the year
This type of music can make you forget about all your problems
When your favorite duo meet. Love from kenya
Amo essa m煤sica 鉂ゐ焽拆焽筐焽拆焽
Jovial vocal range is of another level,baby girl your future bright...
Who else is waiting for the official video like I do 馃槏馃槏JOVIAAAAAAAAALL "MHH EEIH" never disappoints
You both never disappoint! Keep it up! Nikuite jina gn mahabuba...wng namuita big
Mario can do miracles. This song needed a message. Sounds like the rest of bongo flava.
Marioo never disappoints..this is another banger
2 weeks ago
This song make me feel like calling my ex back..how I wish we are together could sing this song for her over and over# on repeat mode
The romantic song of the year 馃グ keep it up bro 馃
Kimambo on the beat killed it....the melodies too are fire
This beat is on another level馃敟 and the voices ....wah too hot to handle
We are here not only for the views, but truly we are prisoners of the said good vibes and emotional art.
Marioo & Jovial nailed it
My love for this song n both their voices is just perfection

Trevor Silaz
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Nakupenda - 5804750 ( SKIZA )

Due to the great need of people to understand the meaning of this song, we have tried to bring the English version to make it easier for many people.Enjoy good music

iwe giza baridi na upepo
iwe kuna mawingu na minyesho
your body baby joto

unafanya nijihisi special
unanipa sababu ya uwepo
kando yako we mtoto

my desire
we nipe dawa
mi mahututi
sijielewi ooh my god

shida ni nimekolea penzini
shida ni baby uko moyoni

nakupenda we
nakutaka we
kwako sijiwezi
oooh my love

mpenzi we
roho yangu we
kwako sjiwezi
oooh my love

Akili mwili baby
hasira yangu navituliza
ukiongea nasikiliza yote
sababu ya upendo

pili pili baby
vindimu chumvi ya kunyunyiza
yani uroda kupitiliza
nimeumaliza mwendo

na haya ma-raha

Shida ni nimekolea penzini
shida ni baby uko moyoni

Nakupenda we (anhaa)
nakutaka we (oh nana nana)
kwako sijiwezi
oooh my love (oooh my baby)

Mpenzi we (ooh nonono)
roho yangu we(aaah yayaya)
kwako sijiwezi (ooh uoh)
oooh My love (oooh naneh)


: realjaymelodybookings@gmail.com

Ritah Bob
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ABASAJJA BALIMBA is a song made for all the Ladies and Women who has ever experienced a kind of Deception before, i take this Opportunity to thank you for Supporting my Music Carrier. don't forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like, And Share with Your Friends
@SirAlex Dir
@Dj Grin Impact

master papecha
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This is an inspirational poem for every body out there#poem #tebtalks

Molefinyane Poso
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Giving back to the community especially to those who are needy

Karabar Victar
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it's a good video

Tito Byishimo
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its all good

Philip Maina
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1nr engine timing marks

Jacob Tuyishime
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This is my journey to mixed martial arts . Im glad that we have plattforms where we can post our talets and the journies to our coreers . i also appreciate those who support.

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showing love 鉂p煂

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鈦opology is a branch of mathematics that deals with the properties and structures of spaces. In university mathematics, topology is typically studied as a subfield of analysis or geometry.

In topology, the focus is on studying the properties of spaces that are preserved under continuous transformations, such as stretching, bending, and twisting. The main objects of study in topology are topological spaces, which are sets equipped with a collection of subsets called open sets. These open sets satisfy certain axioms, such as being closed under finite intersections and arbitrary unions.

Topology is applied in various areas of mathematics, including analysis, geometry, algebra, and differential equations. It provides a framework for studying the properties of functions, continuity, convergence, compactness, connectedness, and many other concepts that are fundamental in mathematical analysis. In geometry, topology is used to study the properties of shapes and surfaces, such as their curvature, dimensionality, and topological invariants.

Topology also has applications in other fields, such as physics, computer science, and engineering. For example, in physics, topology is used to study the properties of space-time and the behavior of particles. In computer science, topology is applied in areas such as network analysis, data visualization, and algorithm design. In engineering, topology optimization is used to find the optimal layout or configuration of structures or systems to achieve certain performance criteria.

Overall, topology provides a powerful mathematical framework for studying the properties and structures of spaces, and its applications extend to various areas of mathematics and beyond.

Landus Mumbere Expedito
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"Your Name Tells You Everything" HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF NUMEROLOGY鉁匞ET YOUR NUMERICAL READING HERE:https://bit.ly/numericalreadin....g------------------- 漏:Footage licensed through Videoblocks, Artgrid, and Envato.Script / Narration: Be InspiredMusic: Epidemic Sound / Audiojungle / Envato ElementsInterviews / Video References were used under FAIR USE LAW.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Stamps:0:00 - Intro0:50 - Pythagoras4:00 - Gematria4:50 - Present6:43 - Chart of Numbers7:04 - Synchronicities10:01 - Each Day has a Different Vibration10:43 - How to Calculate Your Life Path Number12:58 - Your Name is No Accident14:01 - Numerology Chart 15:57 - When Places Resonate With You17:05 - What do the Numbers Mean?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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